About Us

MODI Embroidery House, a fashion house based out of Bangalore in India having vast experience in the field of hand embroidery. Although embroidery is our forte, we have the ability to service our clients with a total fashion product be it embellished apparel or leather accessories including custom handcrafted embroidery frames that bring walls to life.

Our magical fingers together with rare embroidery materials have the power to transport oneself back in time. We are proud of the fact that the ancient art pursued by us is indispensable and irreplaceable by modern technology. In fact, this is what makes us different from the others.

We are a team of energetic and young minds who makes every effort to create products that highlight the uniqueness of your personality! We are innovative professionals with exceptional skills in R&D, designing, artwork, sampling and production. Connect with us to know more about our concepts and offerings.

All the products are produced at our factory to ensure the highest quality workmanship and providing innovative products at competitive prices. Our products range from embellished fabric/leather panels, semi-finished fabric panels & garments to full finished RTW, embellishments on semi-finished leather products and embellished accessories. We are continuously aiming to offer our clients a wide range of beautiful hand embroidered products with personalized hand work.

We at MODI Embroidery House abide by the rules of ethical business practice also incorporating fair social practice at the workplace which we believe is the key to any successful business.